Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Wave in Bad DVD

So nowadays people love shock value. Well, they always have, but now it comes at an even bigger value: the unrated DVD. One problem, though. Several movies recently released in this style don't require an unrated cut. Sure, movies like American Pie may justify this, but come on, Dukes of Hazard? To be fair, it doesn't warrant an unrated cut because no one saw it in the first place, but still. Then there's Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I would rather see an even more edited version. That's right, I would love it if they removed Angelina Jolie. I hate her. Finally, there's Dodgeball. It's just not necessary. I think it was fine in the first cut and nobody would buy the new DVD because if you cared you already bought the first. Oh, well. I'm not in control of the movie industry... yet.

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