Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pilgrims' Portion

How many miles to Columbia?
Three score miles and ten.
Will she still love when we arrive?
Rest assured and don’t ask again.
How many miles through Umbria?
Three score miles and ten.
Will she deign be mine by candlelight?
If you throw a stone to see by night,
You’ll reach Columbia by candlelight.

How long must we navigate Umbria?
The shared lifetime afforded to you.
Will he still honor when we arrive?
In 42 years he will stay true.
Will his heart hold out for two score and two?
He’ll bear the burden with and for you.
Will he be my King and I his Queen?
If you swim like dolphins can swim,
He’ll care for you through land dim.

Will we bear fruit in a home of our own?
Your quiver will be full.
Need we defend our single fledgling flesh?
Athena will bless your soul.
Will we see our new Bohemia?
You’ll be blessed with la vie en rose.
What will our deeds and words be then?
If your hands are just and words are light,
Your progeny will arrive after candleligh

Father's Day

It’s a wise child knows its father. I know mine well enough to be wise as to what I should buy him. Coffee. Chocolate. Stimulates.
Knowing father? Learning wisdom? Trust in Mother (who Father is)? Does it always come back to her?
Sperm determines sex. Fundamental identity? Wisdom in knowing oneself? Father begetting himself his own son.
Leaving house, Lloyd meets himself meets Brandon Lloyd. Pallas Brandon. Pallas Athena’s avatar: owl, bird of wisdom, asks, “Who?” “Who is your father?” I, knowing mine, am a wise child.
Lloyd, in creating Lloyd, created Brandon Lloyd. Brandon Lloyd seeks to beget ______ Lloyd.
Father loves self, loves son’s supersession. Father becomes quintessential teacher (imparter of wisdom). Stimulates mind, imparts ability to love.
Loved Mother, loves coffee, chocolate, son.
Love because he first loved. Stimulate love. Wisely buy wise father stimulants. Happy Father’s Day.