Saturday, June 4, 2011

It Is My Problem

Today was Slutwalk Chicago. I was thinking of going, but I had yoga. I did catch the tail end of the Daley Plaza gathering, but by then it was just tables of people wanting my e-mail address, bad pop music and some shirtless guy dancing.

And really, that guy is the reason it's that much harder to care about important things like violence against women
. It's sort of how I want to exercise my enjoyment of anime more, but there are certain fans who make it a little tedious.

Yet, violence against women is something we need to stop. Then again, we can all take little steps to stop victimization of people in general.

A couple of years ago, I was at GameStop picking up some cheap movies while they were cleaning out their DVD stores. I got in line behind some redneck whose little was trying to return his Xbox 360.

As you can expect, a several hundred dollar system is kind of a big deal in a place which makes most of its money by selling high, buying back low and reselling high. I am not a fan of GameStop for the way they exploit gamers.

Proven business model

So while GameStop may be actively evil, it's wage slaves are only, at worst, passively evil. The poor guy behind the counter trying to explain to the angry, Budweiser-swilling hillbilly that he cannot take the Xbox back is not trying to make the world a worse place or anything; he's just locked out of the computer. Seriously, the guy literally could not enter it back in the system and give the kid store credit.

That did not make that good ol' boy happy at all, and he let the clerk know in no pleasant terms. The GameSlave offered to call his manager, who was attending a going away party for his soldier pal headed to Iraq, and summon him to deal with the problem.

At this point, I just wanted to buy my flippin' movies and watch them, instead of watching someone who's probably chained to the counter wilt before the wrath of Hick Supreme.

Very much akin

So I asked the yokel to leave the guy alone and the bumpkin had the audacity, the audacity, to ask me if I worked for GameStop.


"Then is it your business?"

"Yes. He said he can't help you."

The provincial, taking in the litmus test of jackassery I offered, relented and left, much to the GameSlave's joy.

Which made me feel good, since I helped someone whom I didn't need to help, but saw his pain and remembered that "the enemy of my enemy is a guilt-free target."

Which brings me back to Slutwalk. Say you don't really mind the systemic misogyny and violence against women. The least you could do is side with them in putting street scum in jail. You don't have to be part of the solution to be a dick to the problem.

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